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Kyiv City Roast combines all intermediate stages of preparationcoffee beans from different parts of the world so that coffee can get toyour cup of morning vigor. We buy green grainpremium and specialty varieties, we fry it and sell it both wholesale and inretail.

One of the main principles of the company - Work with the best! Do better! It'sconfirmed by cooperation with only proven green suppliersGrains. Roast the grains on a world-famous roaster - Giessen.

No less important role in the process of frying is played by man, namely the fryer.We care about the quality and stability of each grain delivery to the customer, soat the end of each day he drinks (tastes) the party before sending coffee toa warehouse where the grain is aged to undergo a degassing process (oxygen release).

Having many years of experience in the coffee market, KYIV CITY ROAST has already roastedthousands of tons of premium coffee and specialty varieties. You can always buy from usfresh coffee!

For business

The quality of coffee equipment is an integral part of the processmaking coffee.

For business owners KYIV CITY ROAST provides equipment for rent* and onsale. Also the company is engaged in service of allequipment that is no less important. You often have to look blindly.masters and wait for their arrival for days.

KYIV CITY ROAST without exaggeration has the largest service and visiting stafftechnicians who can solve small and large equipment problems, fromreplace the rubber in the group before repairing the heat exchanger gap.

* equipment for rent is provided free of charge, subject to purchase from 20 kg permoon.


KYIV CITY ROAST has retail and wholesale departments, as well asonline store to buy specialty grain at home or in the office withfree shipping from 0.5 kg.

Managers will always be able to advise how to properly prepare the purchasedgrain, how exactly to choose the right kind of coffee to your liking, the degree of grinding orfrying for any method of cooking - in a cup, turkey orcoffee makers. In Ukraine, such a service is rather an exception to the rule. In addition,anyone can sign up for a free coffee capping where hiseach type of grain will be individually introduced and the equipment will be demonstrated.


Увага: З 25 лютого 2022 р нові умови доставки!

Замовлення: -від 500 грн: доставка НП на відділення безкоштовна. - до 500 грн: доставка НП по тарифах перевізника. - Київ: доставка замовлень кур'єрами лише у робочі дні лише на адреси біля метро (до 15 хв пішки) : …

Різдвяні купажі арабік №1 і №2

Подарунок усім шанувальникам нашої кави -- два святкових Різдвяних купажі арабік №1 і №2. Кава підходить для будь-якого способу приготування.

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