The structure of coffee cherry


The coffee cherry consists of 4 main layers: the grain, covered with silver peel , parchment sheath, covered with gluten (mucilage), and pulp (pulp). Let's talk about each of these layers.
Pulp - this is what gives the berry a red or yellow color, and what cascara is made of. The pulp is easiest to compare with the edible part of the cherry.
Gluten is a sticky, jelly-like, colorless substance covering the patch. Gluten is extremely rich in sugars and really sticky to the touch. Gluten is often confused with pulp. The different amounts of gluten remaining on the patch during drying after depulpation allowed Central American producers to distinguish several types of processing: hani - yellow hani, red hani and the like. The amount of gluten, its texture and sugar content varies from species to species.
Pachment, or parchment, is a hard shell that holds coffee beans. Pachment serves as an excellent natural protection for grain and protects it from moisture changes in the environment that are dangerous for processed grain. Hulling (peeling) of a patchwork is carried out almost always immediately before export. Patchment is often called not only the shell itself, but also the grain in the parchment shell.
Silver peel is a fragile pellicle that covers coffee beans. It is she who turns into a husk during frying. Typically, silver peel is more common for haney coffee than for washed coffee. There is a simple explanation for this. An increase in temperature due to the heat generated by bacteria during fermentation during the washed treatment contributes to the destruction of the silver peel, and it lags behind the grain in large quantities with pachment during halling.
Usually a coffee berry contains two beans. If there is only one grain, it is called peaberry.

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