Grain size and taste


50 years ago, when no one had heard of the specialty-coffee, and the issues of taste were not paid as much attention as today, coffee people decided that more is better. Until now, we pay more for Kenya AA or India Plantation AA than for Kenya AB or India Plantation AB, and we pay more for maragojeeps. How does this correspond to the taste realities of today?
The only argument in favor of a larger grain is that such grains received more nutrients during ripening, which means that we can expect from them a more interesting taste in a cup. On the contrary, the use of different-sized coffee (take, for example, any Ethiopia) implies uneven roasting - small grains will roast differently than large ones, and this will contribute to more shades of taste. There is a point of view that large grains have a purer taste in a cup, but in terms of complexity they are inferior to assorted from different screenshots.
Everyone can answer the question of “taste for size”. It makes sense to compare only different screenshots of the same lot, otherwise different variables can come into play. The experiment should be repeated more than once in order to build at least some reasonable hypotheses. Take a lot of coffee and sort it using sieves. Separately fry sieve 17 and sieve 18. Compare with each other. And so several times to exclude the influence of random factors - uneven frying, for example.
In itself, a sieve, or screen , indicates the diameter of the hole through which the grain of the corresponding size passes. The formula for converting sieves to centimeters is simple: sieve / 64 * 2.54. So, sieve 17 is 17/64 * 2.54 = 0.67 cm. Sieve 18 - 18/64 * 2.54 = 0.71 cm. It follows from the formula that the step between two adjacent sieves is 1/64 * 2.54 = 0.04 cm. That is, grains of size 18 are 0.4 mm larger than grains of size 17.

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