Costa Rica San Rafael

Creamy body. Оptimal acidity. The taste of plum and chocolate.

Variety: Katura, Katuai
Region: San Marcos
Height: 1200-2000 m

Вартість 150.00 - 510.00

South of San Jose you will find the majestic mountains of Tarras. They stretch between the Pacific coast, the Central Valley and the high peaks of the country's central mountain range. And is one of the world's most famous regions for growing coffee. This is a beautiful area, which is often called "Saints' Square". Locals believe that it is here at an altitude of 1200-2000 m grow the most popular coffee of Costa Rica San Rafael. Rich volcanic soil, high altitude, as well as the perfect combination of sunlight, temperature and precipitation provide the necessary components for an exceptionally unique coffee.

Категорія Сoffee
Sub category Coffee
Acidity Низька
Frying Еспрессо
Processing Мита

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