Mocha – a strong mixture of Arabica / espresso

A mixture of Arabic Mocha – has a vibrant and tonic character, strong, descriptors of chocolate, caramel and fruit.
Aroma and aftertaste of nuts and dried fruits.
Perfect for home and office coffee makers or just fill with water in a cup.
Roasting: for espresso

Cost 56.00 - 420.00

Do you drink coffee from the supermarket? Are you buying an imported mixture? Then we go to you!

Friends, wake up, 21st century - everyone is already drinking freshly roasted coffee!

What's wrong with coffee in the supermarket?

Grain coffee has the best taste within 45 days from the date of roasting, and coffee on the supermarket shelf has a shelf life of 18 months.
Large manufacturers add flavors for long-term storage of taste and aroma.
What is wrong with imported Italian coffee?
In Italy, coffee does not grow, there it, as in Ukraine, delivered green from the equatorial countries, then roasted. Italian roast is too dark, it kills the variety of coffee flavors, the taste seems flat. Imported coffee also has a long shelf life, which has a detrimental effect on taste.

Mocha will expand your understanding of coffee - in addition to the usual flavors of store coffee, you will feel a stronger aroma, fruit and berry notes, beans will be freshly roasted and ground on the day of delivery. Freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee mixture is the next step of a coffee lover!
Order from 300 UAH: delivery by Novs Poshta is free.
Orders up to UAH 300: delivery by Nova Poshta at the carrier's rates.
Address delivery by our couriers in Kiev - free, from 500 grams of coffee.

Сategory Сoffee
Sub category Coffee
Acidity Низька
Frying Еспрессо
Processing Мита

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