English Breakfast Tea

Cooking method
Brewing temperature: 95-100 ° C.
Brewing time: 3-5 min.
Volume for one serving: 3 gr.

Cost 85.00 - 850.00

English Breakfast is a classic blend of Ceylon, Indian and Kenyan black teas of the FBOP category has long been an integral part of a hearty English breakfast and one of the most popular drinks in the world. Invigorating, warming taste, rich aroma, dark amber color of the infusion, ideally combines with milk and lemon.
Order from 300 UAH: delivery by Novs Poshta is free.
Orders up to UAH 300: delivery by Nova Poshta at the carrier's rates.
Address delivery by our couriers in Kiev - free, from 500 grams of coffee.

Сategory Tea/cacao
Sub category Tea
Acidity None
Frying None
Processing Натуральна

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