Caffeine-free Colombia / espresso

Сhocolate, almonds, amaretto. Low acidity.
Water Processed Decaffeination
Variety: Typical
Region: Madeleine
Height: 1110 m
Processing: washed
Roasting: espresso

Cost 72.00 - 540.00

Decaffeinated Colombia is an ideal option for those who have given up caffeine.

Our coffee "Caffeine-free Colombia" is produced by the "water method of decaffeination".
In the water method of decaffeination, only water is used. Other chemical components are not used in principle. Coffee beans are soaked in hot water, it removes caffeine and flavors. Then caffeine is extracted from this water with the help of special filters, and a new batch of coffee is soaked with it. As a result, the new batch of caffeine goes into the liquid, and the taste and aroma are transmitted to the grains. It turns out almost the same as a "normal" drink, but not harmful to the heart.
This method is considered the most environmentally friendly and cleanest, because the grain does not get any foreign components.
Order from 300 UAH: delivery by Novs Poshta is free.
Orders up to UAH 300: delivery by Nova Poshta at the carrier's rates.
Address delivery by our couriers in Kiev - free, from 500 grams of coffee.

Сategory Сoffee
Sub category Coffee
Acidity Низька
Frying Еспрессо
Processing Мита

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