Kenya Karibu 86 points / filter

Aroma of black currant jam, tomato and chocolate. The taste is sweet, black raisins, must sour. Medium density drink, with a pleasant and long aftertaste.

Grade: Ruiru 11 SL 28, SL 34
Region: Kirinyaga
Height: 1700 – 1800 m
Processing: washed
Roasting: filter

Cost 108.00 - 880.00

Kenya Karibu is a coffee from a farm in central Kenya. "Karibu" - in the local language, this word means "welcome". This name was created due to the kindness of farmers and people of Kenya during the reception of guests from around the world.
Coffee on the farm is harvested by hand between November and December. Then the cherries are sent to water mills. Drying of coffee in the sun takes place in front of a dry mill (the second stage of processing).
Orders from UAH 500: delivery by Nova Poshta is free throughout Ukraine.
Orders up to UAH 500: delivery by Nova Poshta according to the carrier's tariffs.
Kyiv: Address delivery of orders from 0.5 kg of coffee by our couriers in Kyiv is free and is carried out on weekdays to addresses not far from the metro (up to 15 minutes on foot).
The rest of Kyiv's addresses are delivered by Nova Poshta free of charge when ordering in the amount of UAH 500, and at the expense of the recipient when ordering in the amount of less than UAH 500.

Сategory Сoffee
Sub category Coffee
Acidity Висока
Frying Фільтр
Processing Мита

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