Cavalry rental


Professional coffee making equipment for rent FREE provided Purchases of our required monthly amount of coffee:

  • A set of professional coffee maker and bunker coffee grinder - 20 kg of coffee from ours wholesale price *;
  • Set professional coffee maker and coffee grinder direct grinding Fiorenzato - 30 kgcoffee from our wholesale price *;
  • Rent of an additional coffee grinder + 10 kg of coffee from our wholesale price *;
  • Rent only Fiorenzato direct grinder - 15 kg of coffee from ours wholesale price*;
  • Rent a filter coffee maker - from 5 kg of coffee per month, depending on the class coffee makers. In stock filter coffee makers: Bravilor Bonomat, Vilfa, Bemor*;
  • Rent of a coffee grinder under the filter - 5 kg of coffee from our wholesale price *.

By renting a set of professional coffee equipment from usget: free equipment installation, grinding settings andtemperature; equipment service (cleaning, professional consultation and repair),freshly roasted premium coffee; free coffee delivery.

Cavalry rental
For offices we offer German Franke coffee machines. Franke -impeccable German quality at a nice price!
1 kg of coffee = about 111 servings of coffee.
For offices for 25 - 40 people a good choice - a fully automatic coffee machineFranke Pura, who will brew a full range of drinks, including latte, cappuccino,macchiato, espresso, Americano and others. It is offered for free rentprovided you buy 10 kilograms of freshly roasted coffee.


If you have 40 to 100 people in your office, then Franke Spectra S isThe best option for you. Perfect and quick preparation of coffee drinks.Free rent on condition of buying 20 kilograms of coffee per month.
For a large office (more than 100 employees) - a great solution would beFranke Spektra FM business class super automatic. Professional cooking of alllines of coffee drinks. Modern stylish design. Super automatic formaking the latest generation of coffee. Rent from 30 kg of coffee per month.
* Availability of super machines and professional coffee equipment at the momentcheck the lease agreement individually with your personalmanager.

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