Barista school


Basic Course:

Course program:

1 day. 5 hours. UAH 1,600 per person, UAH 2,700 for two *.
The classroom is equipped with all necessary accessories and equipment. In the pricetraining and all consumables are included.



The structure of the coffee machine (main components and parts) and coffee grinder. Care forequipment. Necessary inventory and requirements for it. The optimal rangeutensils, its volume, properties and characteristics.


The path of the coffee bean. Origin, collection, processing and frying. Terms andshelf life, rules for handling coffee beans, basic requirementsappearance and taste of coffee.


Properties and qualities of water for making espresso

Coffee grinder

Structure and characteristics. Pomelo for the perfect espresso. (here one 'with')Adjusting the coffee grinder and ramming (temping).

Practical training

The perfect espresso is a classic. The main characteristics of espresso. Practicaloccupation.

Late art

Basic directions, basic skills. Whipping milk. Cappuccino, latte.Practical training.

Course for coffee business owners "Coffee with Maria".

«My career in the coffee business began 5 years ago with a mobile coffee shopold Tavria. Today I am the marketing director at a coffee companycreated as a brand and brought to the forefront of the coffee industry. I workedbarista in Tavria, telephone sales manager, sales representative,created the first coffee magazine in Ukraine, created and developed a retail magazinecoffee sales department, founded and established work in the newly createdcompanies as a marketing director… And now I'm ready to shareknowledge gained on such a long and rich journey! My experienceis the basis of the author's course "Coffee with Maria". Who will benefit from this?Aimed at creating a big coffee business or a small cozy onecoffee shops near the house, coffee shop owners who want to move on, and everyonethose who are interested in the mechanism of the coffee business.

Course program:

The course lasts 2 days and 4 hours. Excursion to the production facilitiescompanies: rosteria, green and roasted grain warehouse, service departmentmaintenance of coffee equipment.

The barista's school in the coffee company's office includes theoretical and practicalcourses:

Practical course:

Espresso as the basis of coffee drinks. Skills to work with a coffee grinder and espressocoffee maker. Skills of whipping milk and making dairy coffee drinksbased on espresso.

Theoretical knowledge:

The evolution of the coffee business from the beginning to the present. Principles of discovery andsuccessful operation of the cafe. Budget and requirements for opening a coffee shop or disassemblyoperation of an existing coffee shop, identification of weaknesses and methods of liftingcustomer flow. Bonus: calibration of receptors and capping of different varieties of grainwith our fryers.

Price: UAH 6,000 for one person or UAH 7,500 for two people.

I want students to gain real practical and theoretical knowledge, not justlistened to interesting material. Therefore, at the end of the course, students must passfinal exam. Distinction (or Certificate of Completion)Everyone who passes the final exam will receive qualification training! To usyour quality knowledge and skills are important to change the coffee market togetherUkraine for the better.


Latte Art Barista Course

Course program:

1 day. 5 hours, 2000 UAH per person, 3600 for two *.
* The price includes training and all consumables.

Course program:

What is latte-art. Basic techniques, directions. Inventory and milk: how to choose?Physical and chemical properties of milk: what you need to know about milk toto manage the process? Whipping technique. Proving your technique to work withmilk to the ideal. Visualization of the drink. Main rules: symmetry, contrast,harmonious arrangement of the image. Infusion of basic drawings: heart, rosette,tulip.

Our barista school is equipped with the best samples of coffee equipment:Saynesso and La Marzocco coffee machines, Mazzer coffee grinders.

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