About us

About us

Kyiv City Roast is a unique certified coffee project that covers all intermediate stages of coffee bean processing, with beans selected from world-renowned coffee-growing regions. Our ambitious team with many years of experience day by day takes care of each coffee bean in order to achieve its unique taste. Our value lies in using onlyhigh-quality coffee beans, complying with international roasting standards, and delivering freshly roasted coffee to consumers in the shortest time possible.

We offer the best coffee solutions for HoReCa business , offices, and home coffee lovers. In order to serve our clients, we selected the best coffee bean suppliers from Central America, Africa, and Asia, studied and worked out unique recipes, improved their roasting and filling technologies, and created a service that provides all coffee lovers with a unique premium coffee with guaranteed fast delivery.

Customer trust is the guarantee of our continued success. Today, we pride ourselves on providing more than three thousand regular customers with the freshest coffee available and excellent service. Our experience and professionalism are trusted by owners of restaurants and offices, champions of coffee preparation, bartenders, and picky homemade coffee lovers. It is equally important for us - you own a chain of coffee shops or just enjoy your morning coffee buzz at home, we will love and take care of you equally!

Our production

We roast coffee daily in our own certified production, which allowsget high quality freshly roasted coffee beans at the best price.The production cycle covers all stages of coffee processing "from grain to cup". Ourthe company has obtained international food production certification thanks tocompliance with world standards of roasting and coffee processing, professionalismspecialists and quality control at all stages of production. We welcome youTake you to Kyiv City Roast for a free tasting where you can touchto the culture of consuming high quality coffee and see for yourselfa professional approach to business that charges and inspires us every day.

For business

Choosing Kyiv City Roast coffee for your business, you get:

  • fair price;
  • roasting on the world's best equipment;
  • a wide range of perfectly roasted coffee in compliance with all standards;
  • individual selection of a roasting profile for each grade;
  • expert advice on blending, choice of grain variety and profilefrying;
  • bonuses in the form of free rental of coffee equipment or your service;
  • free and fast delivery on the day of the order in Ukraine;
  • flexible system of discounts for regular customers;
  • 24/7 maintenance;
  • free rental of coffee makers and coffee grinders subject to purchase from 20 kg pera month of freshly roasted coffee from Kyiv City Roast;
  • automatic subscription to the printed magazine Coffee Estate;
  • training at a barista school.

For office

Quality coffee in a modern office is a manifestation of concern for employees andimage component of any company. Your customers and partners are also worthywill appreciate your refined taste in choosing the perfect coffee you give themwill be treated at meetings and negotiations. That is why order the right coffee inoffice is the best solution for your company. In addition to oursunsurpassed coffee you have the opportunity to rent a compact anda functional coffee machine that will make your employees invigoratingеспресо або капучіно не гірше ніж бариста.

For the house

For most of us, the morning cup of our favorite Arabica has become an integral partthe most pleasant part of the day and the only source of drive and vigor. Experiencework and impeccable knowledge of their business gives us the opportunity to talk tocustomer in one language. That is why we will help you choose the bestprofile and grinding option to get the perfect coffee depending on itvariety, method of preparation, as well as features of the coffee machine. If youa novice coffee lover who has recently joined the culture of coffee making, we are withwe will be happy to share with you the secrets of making coffee drinks, we will helppick up a grinder and accessories to make the most delicious espresso inat home. We care about our customers, so we always delivercoffee for free, we constantly update its range and createindividual loyalty system for everyone.

Coffee addiction

We are actively promoting the culture of coffee consumption in Ukrainethe passion for this incredible drink resulted in the desire to share their ownknowledge, experience and skill, which is why we have created a uniqueCoffee Estate coffee knowledge development platform and the only one in Ukraineprinted magazine about coffee. Our company is constantly improving its skillsyour team, partners and anyone who wants to master the profession of barista. Exactlyto this end, the Kyiv City Rosteria established its own barista school, whereyou can deepen and improve your theoretical and practical knowledge of coffeescience and master the dream profession.

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